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We wanted to share some stories from couples who have started planning their gay or lesbian wedding in or near Decorah, or who have already been married here.  And now we are getting stories from people who are just simply visiting Decorah to check us out!  Read on to see what others have to say about Decorah and their experience here.

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Thank you SO much for all the work you've done with the Welcome in Decorah website! It's so helpful and super easy to use. So excited to come to Decorah on August 10th in solidarity with marriage equality. I love the site because it answers all my questions. We printed off our marriage license application and found an officiant all in one place. I've got it book marked! Amber Davis
Planning an August, 2012 Wedding
Just wanted to let you know that we had a great time in Decorah this past week. On Saturday, judge Steve Schroeder did the honors at the court house – a very short and moving ceremony. Our daughter and family came down from So. St. Paul to witness. Decorah is a really nice place. We stayed at Pulpit Rock (we have a motor home) and walked along the nature trail that connects the campground with the historic town. One thing we’ve learned since traveling in the RV is that there are a lot more interesting places to live than Indianapolis. We certainly will be back, but I could also see myself living there. Hope the good voters of Iowa don’t overturn same-sex marriage. Anyway, thanks for your help and your website. I know there are a couple of couples at church contemplating marriage, and I will certainly alert them to the website. Joseph Harmon & Joseph Hocking, Indianapolis, IN
Married in Decorah, May 2012
As we can't be married in either of our homelands, we have decided that we would love to tie the knot in Iowa. It's clear to us that this is where marriage would mean the most. We feel very strongly that Iowa achieved these important steps the right way - through the courts, and also see that this is where marriage equality is most under attack. Therefore, we would like to thank the people of Iowa by bringing our wedding budget to their state. We want to thank you also for your website. It's been truly instrumental in helping us make the decision to hold our celebration in Decorah. Tom & John, Venice, CA
Married in Decorah on October 22, 2011
Greetings Decorah! We are home now after a truly memorable Fall wedding at the Phelps Park bandstand. The King and Queen of Norway were in town that day and had previous commitments, but Liz Rog, our totally delightful officiant, more than compensated. Such a charming place to visit and the warmest people you'll ever want to meet – from the friendly folks at the Visitor Center to the welcoming clerks at the Recorder's Office! Thanks Liz, and Decorah, too, for a wonderfully helpful website! John Boler & Verne Ediger, Las Cruces, NM
Married in Decorah on October 13, 2011
Thank you again so much for your help. I'm so glad you spent the time to make this site. It's been a great help for us. I know the target market is for gay and lesbian couples, but it's also a very helpful site for people who just recognize love for what it is: love. Pat & Adrienne, United States
Married in Decorah, June 2011
Thank you SO MUCH for your amazingly fast and supportive email...what a GREAT resource you are for so many couples! C & S, Minnesota
Married in Decorah, September 2010
We found our wedding musicians and other vendors listed on Welcome in Decorah. We are a straight couple, but we used the site because we want to show our support to those who support weddings for everyone! Thanks, Welcome in Decorah! Drew & Julie, Minneapolis, MN
Married in Decorah, August 2010
We love Decorah, Winneshiek County and Iowa...all will be a destination for us from now on! David & Hans, Austin, TX
Married in Decorah, June 2010